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My Dog Jumped After Being Spayed

Spaying a dog is a social, lifelong process. It is good to know what activities are okay for your dog before she goes in for surgery. Additionally, moving your dog from a home environment into a boarding environment or away from home can be tricky. These things are recommended during and after the surgery process….

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Automotive Batteries Are Which Hazard Class

In this article, we will discuss which automotive battery heater is best. As the name suggests, these devices are for use with batteries. Batteries can get hot if left inside a device that requires power to function. For example, if your car had a navigation system, it would require power to operate. Similarly, if you…

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Is Automotive Aftermarket A Good Career Path?

After you graduate from college, what next? The most common careers in the U.S. are entry-level jobs and customer jobs. You can always try your hand at something new, like becoming an automotive aftermarket installer or factory-new dealer assistant. If you are already in a job that you like, you can upgrade your job security…

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