There Is Beauty In Simplicity

As we grow older, we begin to notice things that were always important to us fading away. We notice our parents, teachers, and friends growing older and dying off.

We also notice things that were new to us beginning to lose their luster. For example, when we were younger, you couldn’t imagine yourself wearing certain clothes. You wouldn’t wear cotton because it is difficult to wash and dryer temperatures are variable these days.

We gain more confidence in our own body and what we want out of life, which is a superb feeling. This feeling comes from years of self-confidence building materializing in the most natural way.

More people are discovering what beauty is and why certain things are beautiful when others aren’t.

It makes you more mindful

there is beauty in simplicity

Being more simple makes you mindful of what you have around you, how much you have, and how you can more easily afford the things that you want.

The more complex things that I see, the more I think about them and the less money I have to spend on them. The simpler things cost less money to buy and use and are more impactful.

For instance, no one in their right mind would spend $600 for a car but if they could afford $400-$500 thousand for a car, they would. Or no one would consider investing in themselves but if they could put away less than $200 dollars weekly for three weeks, they would.

These things might not affect me like a fat guy walking into a beauty salon but they definitely influence my mind-set when it comes to spending money in general.

It brings out your creativity

there is beauty in simplicity

There is a certain kind of simplicity that makes you appreciate life more.

When you are in a state of simplicity, you appreciate what you have simple, you don’t think about the next thing. You enjoy what you are doing right now, and you feel good about yourself.

This is something that comes after being busy with several things. You realize that you enjoy being alone time more than the time when there were many things going on, but that’s a different story.

You can have a lot of fun with little or no money. You can do anythingyou want to do, so choose something that you feel passionate about and work hard at it.

If you don’t feel very motivated, just keep re-assessing what matters to you and how much money is necessary for achieving your goals.

Helps you achieve more

there is beauty in simplicity

Finding the simple things in your life that make you happy is one of the most important things to learn about happiness.

Because there are so many complicated things in life, it’s easy to lose sight of what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to find the more simple things in your life, from going to class every day to spending time with friends.

These less-frequently-consumed simple items can help you achieve a goal or two, and can even have a lasting impact on your health and well-being. From water intake to habits that make computing easier, here are some ways that these less-than-complicated substances can have a positive impact on your health.

Reduces stress

there is beauty in simplicity

a simple meal can reduce stress. By comparison, a complex meal may increase stress. To dramatically reduce stress levels in your life, eat a simple meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Eating healthily is one of the best ways to reduce stress in your life. You can easily do this by eating a variety of foods and not just fruits and vegetables.

For example, you can find many different kinds of meat, seafood, and vegetables in your diet. You can even find sources of sunshine and rest when you eat small meals that take some time to consume.

Eating healthily reduces stress not only because you are eating healthy but also because you are taking care of yourself. You are also spending time inRestlessnesscan helpyour moodsand promote healthier behavior-. Health isn’t the only benefit of small meals everyday.

Simplicity encourages appreciation

there is beauty in simplicity

We are surrounded by complexity. We live in a sprawling, diverse, and constantly changing world filled with action, reaction, and interaction.

If you looked at a city street you would see a mixture of different age groups, ethnic groups, and types of behavior. This is true in our society too!

The majority of people in our society are not financially sophisticated, nor do they have the time to learn everything about things.

People simply don’t know what they don’t know about simplicity. We spend so much money buying things that simple things will solve our problems! We buy television sets with four or five channels loaded into them and a computer with ten different buttons that we have to use.

It helps you focus on what’s important

there is beauty in simplicity

As aas a non-confrontational person, you may not be aware of your strengths and how to leverage them. This can back up into drama or unnecessary stress.

If you are a simple person, you may be aware that others are paying attention to you and what you say. A simple person can feel valuable and safe to share their thoughts and feelings.

But what if there was something more to this? What if sharing your simplicity could help you relax, gain clarity, and recover from stress? Maybe it could even helpyou get more out of life.

Maybe it should be your goal in life to become a simplicity person.

It allows you to engage in deeper relationships

there is beauty in simplicity

In a world where we are constantly pushed to be more complex, more diverse, and more sophisticated in our relationships, simplicity is a refreshingly backseat driver type of philosophy.

It allows you to avoid the stress of trying to find the perfect way to say something, or the perfect way to express yourself in a relationship. It allows you and your partner to be fully committed to each other without being too restrictive.

As humans, we love relationships that are more than just a physical connection, that have depth, that can last for years. Being able to say what you want and being able to respect that will go a long way towards finding true love.

Try this out: When trying new philosophies or theories on relationships, try something simple first. If it doesn’t work for you, try adding some depth or complexity before moving onto another concept.

Simplicity creates space for joy

there is beauty in simplicity

As we grow older, we begin to think that there are limits to what we should be doing with our lives, what we should be pursuing in our careers, and what kind of life we should lead.

We begin to imagine and feel moreminuses to everything we do in our lives. We imagine that there will be no longer fun times in our lives, no more challenges, and no more responsibilities.

This is not a good thing. We gain these things for a reason and this is how they built you up. When you developema non-sonnenshouldyouremainwithyourbacktothewallandstickwithit?

It is only when we find simplicity in our lives that I believe the benefits can come back full force. If you are feeling the never ending stream of obligations assaulting your nerves, seek out simple life sounds like you are going to find peace by moving into your parents home until you get your own place or by joining a community (healthcare or not) where you can finally depend on yourself.

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